The Team

Meet Joel

    The Artisan

    Joel Baez is a 23 year old jewellery maker living and working in an impoverished area of Paraguay.  One of 12 children, Joel was born unable to hear. As a child, he attended school for a few years and learned to read and write, and lip reading skills. Following in his family’s tradition, his older brothers taught Joel the art of filigree: using tiny beads or silver threads to create shapes which can be turned into jewelry. Despite being taught how to make intricate pieces of silver jewellery he has struggled to find employment due to his difficulties in communication. He has described his inability to speak as a constant frustration.  With few prospects for employment Joel is now a happy and productive member of his community. 

     The Artist

    Inspired by the natural beauty of Canada, her adopted homeland, as well as by people she has met and places that she has visited, Carmen Clubine has created an exquisite collection of sterling silver jewellery. Each piece reflects her impressions of ever changing landscapes, the beauty of nature, her love for life.The accomplished businesswoman, mother, and artist was born and raised in El Salvador, but chose to settle in Canada with her husband and three sons. Drawing on her background as an industrial designer, Carmen has enjoyed a successful career as both a graphic and interior designer. Deeply affected by witnessing extreme poverty during her childhood she has also volunteered her time to make a difference in the lives of others.

    The Team

    Alfaro Clubiné is a beautiful collaboration which celebrates Carmen’s passion for design with her compassion for those less fortunate and Joel's talent and hope for a better life.